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We believe that children cannot learn if they are absent from school and that high attainment depends on good attendance. We therefore aim to ensure that all our children take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them and to raise standards by promoting regular attendance and punctuality of pupils.


We expect all school personnel to support and promote excellent school attendance by acting as role models and to work hard to provide a learning environment in which all pupils are eager to learn, feel valued and enjoy coming to school. School personnel have a responsibility for identifying trends in attendance and punctuality.


Sometimes a pupil’s absence or lateness may not be their fault and in these circumstances, it is our policy to be supportive of the child. Also, at times we have to give allowances for religious beliefs and individual family circumstances.


We believe it is essential to regularly remind parents of the importance of good attendance and its links to pupil attainment. The Education Act 1996 clearly states that the prime responsibility of parents/carers is to ensure that their children attend school regularly.


Truancy at this school is rare, however, we believe truancy is a matter that we treat very seriously as we feel pupils are not only losing valuable learning time but they are putting themselves at serious risk as the school and their parents are not aware of their whereabouts.


We believe it is essential to have a strong working relationship with the Education Welfare Service which provides support for pupils and their families in order promote good pupil attendance and to reduce truancy.


Please be aware that when a parent/carer telephones the school with information that their child is unable to attend due to illness, or other circumstances, this may not be automatically authorised. Your child’s current and previous school attendance will be taken into consideration and as a result the absence may not be authorised.


The school will not authorise for any holiday to be taken during term time.


More further information, please see the Attendance and Truancy Policy or arrange an appointment to speak to the Headteacher at the school office.

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