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Christmas Craziness!

Crazy Christmas Celebrations By The Brainy Kid aged 8¼


Monday 15th December

The Fantabulous Party T-shirts


Everyone gave £1 to make their own Christmas party t-shirts. Hopefully everyone brought it. They were asked to bring a £1 towards it because the school was paying for the equipment such as fabric felt pens.


On the afternoon of the 15th December, everyone got to do their Christmas t-shirts. There were some Christmas pictures on the board. Our teacher printed the pictures that were on the board. She said,” Put the pictures inside your t-shirts and trace the outline of it using a pencil, and then take a felt tip pen when you are happy with it. Then trace over the outline.”


Some people wrote Merry Christmas at the top of the t-shirts. The t-shirts were fantastic!


Tuesday 16th December

Super Duper Day


On Tuesday 16th December it was our choral speaking assembly. We prepared really well. After the register we went outside to the middle hall to practise our choral speaking. We did really well. We spaced out and practised both our choral speaking and our Christmas song.


Then we went upstairs to the top hall and watched the Year 1 Nativity. It was really good and we could see how hard they worked.


Then we went downstairs to our classes and did activities. Then it was playtime. We carried on with our activities, and then it was lunchtime.


We had a lovely, luscious lunch.


After our lovely, luscious lunch we made Christmas cards. Miss called each person to come up and choose a piece of coloured card to make their Christmas card. Then she called each person to choose a Christmassy picture to colour in and stick on to the front cover of the Christmas card.


We all coloured really well and they were fab!


Wednesday 17th December

The Perfect Party


On the afternoon of the 17th December, we had a perfect party. Miss gave us tissue to put on our desks so if the drinks fell, it would not go inside our desks. Miss put our Christmas song on the interactive whiteboard and we all sang. We sang beautifully. We danced and we all enjoyed it.


Then we went outside to the middle hall and 3 Amber came and we had a perfect party. We played Musical Statues and Musical Bumps; the prizes were chocolates – and for winning the Musical Bumps, the prize was four chocolates. Some children were lucky to win!


 Then we went inside and had delicious food. Yum yum!

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