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How do you provide for different special educational needs at Monega?


Monega Primary School is a mainstream, inclusive school that fully complies with the requirements outlined in the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (2014). Staff have been trained so as to be able to cater for learners who may have difficulties with:


  •  Cognition and Learning
  •  Communication and Interaction
  •  Social, Emotional and Mental Health
  •  Sensory and/or Physical


We make reasonable adjustments to our practices so as to comply with the Equality Act (2010).


We adopt a graduated response in line with Newham’s guidance. All pupils are taught through the high quality teaching and learning of a differentiated creative curriculum in mainstream classes and we have daily booster groups to support pupils who have any gaps in their learning. When the school identifies the need for targeted support to enable a pupil to make expected progress the parents/carers will be invited to a meeting at the school with the SENCO to draw up a support plan. The support plan will detail what sort of provision is in place, what outcome is expected, who is providing it and for how long.


The impact of the provision in place will be reviewed on a half termly basis and the school will monitor the impact of the provision on the progress made by the pupils receiving the additional support.

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