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How does Monega evaluate the effectiveness of the provision we offer for children with special educational needs?



  • We continually review the needs of our learners and endeavour to put in place provisions which cater for these needs.

  • The SENCO carries out learning walks to review how provision is delivered and to maintain standards through rigorous quality assurance.

  • Our provision management map evaluates the impact each of our intervention have had on the progress of each learner. Decisions are then made as to whether specific interventions are proving to be effective both in terms of the time spent on them and the finance used in providing the intervention.

  • Some of the funding the school receives may go towards training to develop the in-house provision that we offer.

  • The school aims to ensure value for money so the costs of all our interventions and evaluated using our provision management system. This information is then used to allocate our budget towards resources, support staffing and intervention programmes.
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