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How does Monega identify children with special educational needs and how do we assess their needs?


The school adopts the approach outlined in the SEN Code of Practice:


  •  Assess – assess to clearly identify the nature of a pupil’s needs or difficulties
  •  Plan – plan what support will need to be implemented/put in place
  •  Do – put in place the support
  •  Review – review the impact the interventions/support had on progress




  • If at any time there is an concern about the progress of child in our school the   Achievement for All team will be informed and will carry out assessments to identify the child’s needs and implement appropriate support. Decisions regarding support are made on an individual basis according to need. In certain circumstances, the decision making process for relevant support for a child is guided by the professional judgements of external agencies e.g. Educational Psychologist or Behaviour Support Service.


  • Class teachers constantly monitor the progress of pupils in their class over the academic year and class teachers meet termly with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and a member of the Achievement for All team to discuss progress of all the pupils in their class.


  • Pupil progress and attainment is closely tracked and provision for pupils may be modified appropriately in consultation with all staff employed in supporting the child. Any additional support is overseen by the Achievement for All team and all interventions are regularly monitored for impact. Updates are shared with the SEN governor and the Head teacher.
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