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Moving Up – Year 3

Moving up – Year 3


We’re actually in Year 3!


Before the start of the school year we felt excited, nervous and ecstatic.


Being in Year 3 is not so very different to Year 2 but we have found some changes. We have now got a way bigger playground with a brand new football pitch and a grassy area with benches.


Some of the Year 3 like the football pitch best but the girls prefer the grass area because after all our hard work we can walk over to it and flop down.


Now we feel much more grown up and we can do lots more work in Year 3. Some of us are looking forward to being a School Council Representative because we can suggest and choose what we want in the playground.


We are looking forward to learning more and doing more homework so we can end up like a mini ‘Archimedes’ – little geniuses.


We are also looking forward to doing lots of ICT so we can carry on doing work at home and show our brothers and sisters what we know – so the whole family can learn from us.


Our new teachers are fun and really good. We’re really busy and rolling like wagon wheels through Year 3.


Yasmine - 3 Amber                  Saram – 3 Opal                  Eli’Anah – 3 Amber

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