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Patterns Galore! - Year 4 visit The Wallace Collection

Patterns Galore! – Wallace Collection Visit



Year 4 has been studying mathematical patterns and to support their learning, they went on a trip to visit the ‘Wallace Collection’. It is about ten minutes away from Bond Street Station. However the journey was not easy as it was so busy and the trains were really crowded – some of us felt like sardines in a tin!


The building was very old but inside it looked like a palace with lots of gold about the place.


We went into different rooms and as we were walking along we saw lots of patterns around us. Some patterns were of spirals, others were wiggly-style patterns whilst some were just angular. Lots of the patterns were multi-coloured with only a few being of one colour. On the walls were old pictures of animals with patterned gold frames.


We then learnt how to do our own patterns. We drew, in a note-pad, some patterns that we saw to give us ideas. Carefully, we copied our patterns on to foam squares using a pen so that we could use rollers, covered in paint, to cover our foam square. Gently lifting the foam square over on to the paper, we then used a clean roller over the foam square to imprint our own pattern. Removing the foam square, we could see the pattern we had created. All the patterns were taken back to school.


We learnt lots about patterns and how we can make rotational patterns, brick patterns, symmetrical patterns and regular patterns.


Not only did we learn about mathematical patterns, we also learnt how to make a print of our own pattern.


We had a brilliant day at the Wallace Collection and the earlier Puzzle Day back in school helped us to recognise patterns.


Our teachers were very helpful and it was really exciting and we could not stop talking about it in school and with our families.


The Pattern Experts!


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