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All about the Poppies…


Monega Primary’s School Council had the opportunity to visit ‘The Tower of London’ to see the ‘Blood swept Lands and Seas of Red’ (created by ceramic artist Paul Cummins) on the 4th November 2014. This installation is to commemorate the start of the First World War in 1914 and to recognise and remember the people who lost their lives fighting this war.


When the School Council were informed by Mrs. H that they were going on this visit, they were all very excited and could not wait to go.


The day for the trip soon arrived…


We walked to East Ham station and got on the District Line to Tower Hill.


When we arrived, the weather was perfect – bright and sunny. In the distance was the Shard with the Tower of London towering in front of us, it was very impressive.


However, wherever we looked they were crowds of people, all eager to see the ‘Poppies’ (888,246 ceramic poppies in total). We managed to get really close to the moat but instead of water in it, it had poppies completely filling it so it looked like ‘a river of red’. Miss. C and some of the pupils took photos to share with the children back at school. We were told that each poppy represented a person from Britain or the Commonwealth that sacrificed their life for their country. We think it is amazing that so many people were prepared to die for their country to help future generations to be safe.


The poppies were blood red and looked so real. They were at different heights and looked as if they were frozen, red waves with them flowing out of the tower and down the walls and into the moat below. The poppies themselves were different shapes and not identical – it was truly extraordinary to experience as shortly they will all be removed as they have been sold for £25 each. Also, we noticed a lot of money had been thrown amongst the poppies as donations.


We are blessed that these people were prepared to lay down their lives for us; they were very brave and heroic.

We enjoyed the opportunity to see something that we will never be able to experience again.


Monega Primary School Council – Years 3-6

Pictures of our visit

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