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The Brilliant Club Visit Oxford

Brilliant Club Visits Oxford!


Some pupils from Year 6 were selected to be part of this year’s ‘Brilliant Club’. Being part of this club entails visits to top universities and attending tutorials in order to write their individual assignment by the end of this autumn term.


On the 13th November, the ‘Brilliant Club’ had the launch visit at Wadham College, Oxford.


We had to arrive in school by 7.30am where we were met by Miss C and Mr R; we quickly walked over to Little Ilford School and we met up with some other primary schools. We got on the coach and travelled for two and a half hours to Oxford.


On arrival some of us did not travel so well and felt a little queasy but were still motivated for our exciting day.


We were met by Mr S and led to a lecture theatre where we were informed about the expectations of both the day and the ‘Scholars Programme’.


Later on we met our PhD tutor Miss M. We had our first tutorial and instructed on our area of study (an historical one) and on our homework. It was really interesting and we have lots to challenge our brains in the coming weeks.


The university looked very grand and looked splendid for 900 years old. The Gallery, where we ate our lunch, had lots of fine paintings of past University Chancellors and important people belonging to Wadham College.


Ben, our tour guide who was an Oxford student, told us that we needed to be quiet at all times as students were studying around the Quad (a square grassed area immediately inside the entrance surrounded by paving stones and the buildings) and that no one was allowed to step on to the grassed area. We were informed that all of the Quad area, including the windows and doors, are completely symmetrical. Also statues of the couple who founded Wadham College were displayed high up above the main doorway. Ben also told us that where the first year students live is supposed to be like an Italian village but he does not think that it does look like one.


We also found out that Mr Bean aka Rowan Atkinson as well as ‘The Iron Lady’ aka Margaret Thatcher, along with our present Prime Minister, David Cameron all attended Oxford University.


We returned to the coach at 3.45pm to set off home and we hit a lot of traffic and it took ages to get out of Oxford!


Eventually, we arrived safely back at school at 6.30 pm. We all felt tired and exhausted but really inspired by our amazing day. We realised that university is the key to having a great future and one we would like to unlock to open up great opportunities.


We realise we have a lot of work ahead of us but it is so worthwhile and such a great experience. We are all looking forward to the Scholars programme.


The Brilliant Club 2014-2015

Our visit to Oxford

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