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The Brilliant Club


Today was a tiring day (6th November), a day where the Year 6 Brilliant Club went on their launch trip to Birkbeck, University of London – and a day which was truly brilliant!!


On arrival, all the schools sat together in a vast lecture theatre with their Ph.D. tutors and Birkbeck student ambassadors.  We were informed about what we were going to do during the day – which was a tour of the University, spending time with our tutor and filling in an evaluation form at the end.


I enjoyed spending my time with the tutor because we were describing the picture of a desolate man on a high cliff with no one to help and support him; he was all alone.  We received homework from our tutors which was to do with nature and literature.


After spending time with our tutor we ate lunch.  Delicious!!!Mmmmmm.

Straight after having stuffed our faces with scrumptious food, we were taken around the environment and shown all the different aspects of Birkbeck University.  We were informed that Birkbeck was founded by George Birkbeck in 1823 and that the UK has 154 universities all told.


Amazingly, out of the whole of Central London, a part of Birkbeck University (the Art Department) contains the largest swimming pool in the city; it is   33.3m long!!! Another department houses a cinema!


After our long day and journey, we returned home safe and sound at around 4.20pm.  We learnt an awful lot there and would hope to study there in the future as it has a long history of offering the highest quality university education.



It was the best day ever!!!

Member of the Brilliant Club

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