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The Greeks Are Coming!

The Greeks Are Coming!


Year 3 are studying the ‘Greeks’ this half-term.


Their teachers arranged for a whole day on the ‘Greeks’ by having a Greek Day whereby they invited ‘History off the Page’ to spend the day on teaching the children all about the Greeks.


Many of the Year 3 dressed up in togas and robes to look like amazing Greeks which was lots of fun.


Year 3 went out to the hall and ‘Phil’, the man from History off the Page, told us about the battle with the Persians. The Greeks won!

He then told us about Greek gods: Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. These gods were powerful but they were mythical.


In the morning we did activities – we carved in tablets of soap to make a picture – it was quite hard to do but fun. We also made pots out of clay – our fingers were all sticky and messy. Some of us made owls and lions whilst others made ‘Good Luck’ charms all out of the clay. The charms were placed on necklaces and bracelets.


We looked at Greek medicine – they used to put lavender and seeds in a tissue and wrap it up in wool and then tie it up. Then when you smell it; you would feel better. Lavender smelt nice but others smelt disgusting. Yuk!!


We found out that Greeks sent messages by writing them in wax tablets – they then gave them to the slaves to deliver.


For art they used to design pictures on slates and use them for decorations in their homes.


Greek food


The Greeks ate feta cheese, olives, honey cakes, bread and dates they drank wine with their meals but we drank Ribena. The Greeks squashed grapes to make wine. Some of us were nominated to be slaves and give out the food and all the dates and honey cakes were gone and the slaves did not get any – Greedy cake eaters!


One of our class mates acted a real ‘diva’ – she was bossing the slaves around.


One had to act as an ‘aura’ – telling the future but you would have to pay her money.


In the afternoon we did a performance –


The hare and the tortoise.

The shepherd boy and the wolf.


Three groups acted out the plays using a play script and a narrator. Others did Greek dancing. Everyone had to bow to the Greek temple to show respect.


This was an amazing experience and we learnt lots about Ancient Greece – it was exciting, even more than exciting – it was fabulous!!


The Year 3 Greeks


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