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Up, Up and Away - Year 6 'Fly' High!

Up, Up and Away!!

 (Cool, Cable Cars!)


Our teachers decided to offer us the opportunity to go to the Emirates Cable Cars, which travel across the Thames River, as a treat for working so hard in Year 6 and achieving fantastic results in our SATs.


Through the drizzle, we made our way to East Ham station taking the District Line to West Ham station where we changed for the Jubilee Line to North Greenwich.


Arriving at approximately 11am, we made our way towards the Emirates Cable Cars booking area. Waiting to get on for twenty minutes, we finally felt excited to queue up and get into a ‘pod’ – each pod was only allowed to carry a maximum of ten people.


As we began to ascend, we felt kind of scared. It moved very slowly and some of us thought that it had broken-down - this was a really dramatic moment. However, it was still moving, albeit very slowly, so all was well.


Although it was a grey day, we had a wonderful view. We saw cars that looked like toys, the Thames River was grey, dull and dirty-looking below us, City Airport, Canary Wharf and ships ( some ships even looked massive from that high up).


Upon reaching the other side, which was close to the O2, we then, slower than a snail or so it seemed, went round the rail and back up and over to where we started from.


Some of us went over and back twice because we were not ushered out of our pod – so we had an extra ride.  Yippee J J!!


Lunch was the best part for some of us as we felt really hungry and began snacking in the cable cars. Whilst some of us enjoyed being at the very top most part of our cable car experience waving to the pods across from us.


Leisurely we had our lunch and played around on the grass area for a short time.


We had a great day and it’s a ‘must-go experience’ enjoyed by all.


The opportunity to go was down to our teachers appreciating all our hard work – we’re grateful to all our Year 6 teachers.


The Smiley-Face Gang


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