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What are the arrangements at Monega for providing equipment and facilities for children with special educational needs and how are these secured?



  • We make reasonable adjustments within the school setting to meet the needs of pupils in line with the Equality Act 2010.

  • The school has an accessibility plan and there are disabled changing and toilet facilities on site. The ground floor is fully accessible, but the second and top floor (including mezzanine levels) are not accessible to wheelchair users. Parents are invited to visit the school to see the facilities in order to enable them to make the decision about how suitable the school would be for their child’s needs. Where appropriate, changes are also made to the curriculum so that pupils have access to mainstream education.

  • The school has a sensory room and a SEN bay which pupils are able to attend during school day. The sensory room uses light, sound and a range of specialised equipment designed to create an environment that is used for relaxation and calming. With the aid of switches it allows users to interact with the equipment giving the opportunity to explore cause and effect.

  • The school liaises with the relevant outside agencies to secure the necessary resources for different physical conditions or special educational needs.
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