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World Book Day Celebrations

World Book Day


Thursday 5th March 2015


Every year we celebrate World Book day and this year was no exception.


We had an author named Chitra Soundar, who has written books for children. In her books, she has riddles that were fun to work out. We were all very chatty with her. She gave us ideas on how to write riddles.


I’m like an orange ball but I’m not bouncy.

I have stripes that you can’t really see.

Sometimes purple.

I can make you cry.

What am I?

I am an onion.


We spent an hour with her and she was telling how to write a book and how to get ideas.  She even got us to write our own riddles. She said she mostly gets her ideas from observing children and then writing it down in a notebook. 


For World Book Day we were sent a letter home saying we could dress up as a book character.


So we had to get our ‘thinking caps’ on and decide who to dress up as.  Even the teachers dressed up.


Pupils dressed up as: Elsa from Frozen, Harry Potter, Little Red Riding Hood, Gangsta Granny, Peter Pan, Horrid Henry, Captain Hook, Wally, Dennis the Menace, Willy Wonka, Oompa Loompas, and many more.


Teachers dressed up as: Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf as Granny from Little Red Riding Hood, Granny from Little Red Riding Hood, Captain Hook, Augustus Gloop, Six Dinner Sid, The Wild Thing, Winnie the Witch, The Queen of Hearts, The Snowman, The Cat in the Hat and Things 1and 2 and more.


Judges went round to each class to judge who was the best dressed character. Each winner received a £5 book voucher for their efforts.


In the afternoon, all characters, - teachers and pupils – paraded around all of the school to show off their costumes.


All the teachers then voted for the best dressed book character amongst the teachers. The winning teacher and the runner-up received a box of chocolates.


We had a special time and lots of fun!!


We can’t wait for the next World Book day!!!


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It's not just the children that enjoyed dressing as their favourite characters!

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