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Year 1 - Roar!!

Year 1 - Roar!!


We went to the ‘Dinosaur Museum’, (The Natural History Museum) to look for dinosaurs and we actually saw loads of them, they must have been hundreds.


We actually saw a T-Rex move, it had sharp teeth, strong legs and a swishy tail – he was humungous, gigantic and massive. He was so fat – but you must not tell him that because he’d be angry and gobble us up! He would end up with a tummy ache and he’d enjoy eating our brains!


We also saw a triceratops and it had three horns to protect himself – if one horn breaks off, it doesn’t matter because it’ll grow back.


The brachiosaurus had a long neck like a diplodocus and they ate plants because they were herbivores.


Dinosaurs used to live a long time ago and pterodactyls had wings and could fly but we only saw skin and bones. Some dinosaurs were brown, some were green and they could even be black and purple ones but no red ones!


We saw a real one but we think it might have had batteries in it and it seemed to be alive. She roared, we know it was a girl because it was Dino’s mum.


Dinosaurs all died out because a meteorite crashed into the earth and volcanoes erupted and these are dangerous to dinosaurs, so the poor dinosaurs died. The meteorite was like a shooting star that was all fiery and it crashed into the sea.  Dinosaurs loved the sea and some them might have died when they drank the sea water – that’s what some of us think.


We learnt lots and we had fun. When we came back, we went straight home – it was a long day and we felt very tired.


                          B - 1 Hawk        R - 1 Hawk        R  - 1 Owl                                

                          V - 1 Puffin        I - 1 Puffin         K - 1 Owl


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