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Year 1 to London Zoo

London Zoo


We went to London zoo because we are studying a topic called ‘Poles Apart’ in year 1.


We travelled all the way on the tube – it was a very long way. In fact we walked as well and in the end we could not walk another inch.


We only went to see the penguins – they were thin and had a narrow, thin sort of long beak, with a black body and a white tummy. Every time we waved at them, they nodded back.


They were in a really big tank called the ‘Penguin Beach’. It had a little island for the penguins inside the tank for them to stand on. One penguin was fast asleep on the island.


We know facts about penguins:-


- Some penguins live near the Sun and some don’t.

- Penguins can take little short naps in the sea.

- Penguins keep their flippers down to stop them getting sunburn.


We also noticed that penguins can jump like Olympic athletes – it’s like they are flying through the air from out of the water.


Penguins must not eat chocolate as it is not a treat for them. We think they eat fish – yummy, delicious fish. We think they eat big fish of all kinds. They even eat mummy and daddy fish and penguins are excellent swimmers. We learnt that they can leap out of the water. Penguins are very good swimmers because they use their flippers like paddles to go up and down in the water.


Baby penguins run to their mummy and daddy and they are covered by their parent’s body.


Penguins can be threatened by oil spills and squids. Squids are big with slippery arms and good at squirting water. They eat penguins for dinner. 


Oil is not good for penguins as it turns them black. Baby penguins don’t know about oil spills as they can’t read and find out about them – so it’s difficult to save them from the oil.


We had an excellent day but missed the ‘Penguin Show’ because we ran out of time. The best bit was seeing the penguins dive down.

We were all very tired when we got home but we had an extraordinary, wonderful day.


Year 1 Amazing Explorers


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