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Year 2 - Sails Away on the ‘Golden Hind’

Year 2 Sails Away on the ‘Golden Hind’


This week the Year 2 went to a faraway place using two trains and we ended up at London Bridge – it was massive – big and orange.


We started walking and we found the glorious ‘Golden Hind’. We wanted to see it because our topic is ‘Columbus and the Explorers’. The Golden Hind was Sir Francis Drake’s ship and he was the best sailor and a Captain. He was the first Englishman to sail all around the World.


Year 2 went up the steps and on to the Golden Hind – we sat down and this woman who was dressed like a man told us facts about the Golden Hind. This woman was dressed like a man because women were not allowed on board because women couldn’t fight.


We learnt pirates would attack ships to get their treasure. These ‘bad pirates’ would try to get treasure from Sir Francis Drake who was getting valuables for Queen Elizabeth the First. Sir Francis hid the treasure under the floorboards. Villainous pirates had to walk the plank.


Sometimes the Captain fired the cannon at nasty pirates to make their ship sink and go down to the bottom of the sea.


Brave Sir Francis Drake died at sea and he was chucked into the water and buried at sea where sharks might have eaten him.


Some of us thought the best part was pulling back the cannon and pulling the anchor up. Others of us thought it was interesting seeing all the slime on the bottom of the ship.


Also there was a reindeer head at the front of the ship because the ship is called the ‘Golden Hind’.


We had a magnificent day and we learnt a lot all about pirates and explorers.


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