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Year 2 Visit the Olympic Park

Year 2 Visit the Olympic Park


Year 2 have been studying their topic ‘Iggy Peck Architects’, - all about buildings.


We studied the London Eye, the Shard, the BT Tower, the Gherkin, Tower Bridge, the Walkie-Talkie and Big Ben. We were looking at the different materials used, the different types of windows, the size and the shape of the buildings.


All of the Year 2 classes went on a trip to the Olympic Park to see the different buildings there, such as the Orbit, the Aquatic Centre, Football Stadium and the Athletics Centre.


We arrived at 10am having travelled by bus and we had to walk through the shopping centre to the Olympic Park.


On arrival, we went to the Aquatic Centre and sketched it in our sketch books – it was quite tricky to draw because it was curved. We also attempted to draw the ‘Orbit’ – which was much harder still to do. We also drew the Football Stadium which was the easiest one to draw.


After all this sketching, we had lunch. Everyone brought a packed lunch and some of us felt hungry but others did not, but we all ate together. One class- 2 Topaz- had rain on their trip but only a little whilst they were having lunch.


Having eaten our lunch – we rested on the benches for a short while.

Later we played on a climbing frame, a slide and a basket-like swing. It was really fun. The slide was a challenge to climb up as we had to get up a slope with footholds on it.


We then took a number 25 bus and headed back to school.


With our drawings, we had to colour them in using felt-tip pens to make them look more realistic.


We learnt lots about the different buildings and who designed them – it was a very interesting, fun day. We would like to go back and go up the Orbit and also see the velodrome and the gymnastics centre.


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