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Year 2 - We Are Sailing!

We Are Sailing!

‘Welcome Aboard Captain and Shipmates’


Year 2 are studying a topic called ’Let’s go to London’. So it was decided that a trip along the River Thames in a big, blue boat would be a good idea.


Each class went on a different day but they mostly had good weather.


Travelling by tube we made our way from East Ham to Central London.


We walked along the footpath and then sat down and we ate our fruit: tomatoes, strawberries, apples…


Having eaten our fruit, we heard Big Ben ring loudly for 11 o’ clock.


We then made our way towards the River Thames where we had to wait for the boat to arrive. It was not a very long wait. When the boat sailed up; we got on it and it rocked gently. Some of us were out in the open whilst others were inside looking out of the windows.


Looking around us we saw: the Shard, the Gherkin, the London Eye, Big Ben, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, The Walkie-Talkie building, the O2 and the Houses of Parliament.


The boat was a bit wobbly and it rocked a little – some of us felt sea-sick.


We were sure there was something big in the water; we think it was a big ‘Blue Whale’!!


Our river trip lasted for about an hour.


Returning to where we started, we went to St. James’ Park to eat our lunch. Once lunch was finished, we played and fed the ducks and swans. The swans’ necks were sooo long and we even saw a baby swan, - we think they are called ‘swanlings’ but our teacher told us they are called ‘cygnets’. A squirrel roamed the park and we fed it some nuts.


When feeding the swans, one of us got stung by a nettle – it really hurt!


Then it was time for us to go back to school and we saw the Orbit from the train. Arriving at East Ham, we walked back to our school, got our coats and went home. We were so tired – some of us felt our legs aching and our heads felt heavy.


We saw lots of boats, bridges and landmarks on our trip but the water was very dirty!


We had an enjoyable day!!


Year 2 Sailors

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