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Year 3 A Blast in the Past

A Blast in the Past


Year 3 have been studying their history topic called ‘A Blast in the Past’. This topic is all about the Silvertown explosion.


An explosion occurred on Friday, 19th January at 7pm in the year 1917 – which is almost one hundred years ago.


It happened in a factory producing TNT which is very explosive.


As we had studied all about it – we went on a trip to investigate the area.


We saw the Thames Barrier which stops London from being flooded. Towering above us, we saw Canary Wharf which is a very tall building.


Moving on, we saw lots of planes flying in and out of the City Airport – there were lots of different planes from lots of different countries – some were very colourful and really quite big!!


Later we passed by the O2 Arena which looks like a huge, white dome with orange metal bits sticking out of it.


On the DLR we noticed the Tate and Lyle old factory building.

We spent a lot of time travelling on the train and we did lots of walking also.


Our teacher gave us a tick list of features and buildings which we had to tick off once we spotted the building or feature.


It is a very busy modern area with lots of wonderful buildings – we think it must have changed a lot since the explosion. The Germans purposely bombed the TNT factory during WWI to stop the British from making so many bombs to fight back at the Germans.


We found our trip to Silvertown very informative and we got to see lots of famous London buildings and landmarks which was an eye-opener.


We had a thoroughly enjoyable time and our teachers were very impressed with our excellent behaviour. It was fun!!


Year 3 Historians

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