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Year 3 - Amazing Facts About Newham City Farm

Amazing Facts About Newham City Farm


Our topic for this term is called ‘Tutti Frutti’ – it is all about plants. We are all enjoying learning lots of facts.


All of the Year 3 classes went on a visit to Newham City Farm on different days but we all did the same activities.


To get there we had to walk to East Ham station and we caught a train to   West Ham where we changed for the DLR to Royal Albert. From there we had to walk for 10 – 15 minutes to reach the Newham City Farm.


On arrival we saw some horses, we then went into a barn to meet the person who was going to show us around and tell us facts about plants. He asked us to identify a tree; some of us guessed correctly and said it was an apple tree. We then talked about pollination – both wind and insect. Bees pollinate plants whilst getting nectar form the flowers; pollen sticks to their bodies and this gets transferred to other flowers on the bee’s journey.


Next we discussed germination – this is when a plant begins to grow. Plants need: sunshine, water, warmth and nutrients from the soil in order to grow.


Having studied plants; we now had an opportunity to grow some different seeds by planting them in soil. These seeds were: tomatoes, sweetcorn, sunflowers and beetroot. Sadly, we had to leave them there; some of us watered them too much and almost washed them away. All of our seeds were planted in big, wooden boxes outdoors. On the day 3 Opal did theirs, it started to rain, but 3 Opal still had to water them!!


Some of us had glorious sunshine for our trip whilst some of us had a short hailstorm! We got a little wet but we didn’t mind.


When we were there we saw huge, massive pink pigs, posh peacocks, diving ducks, cute rabbits and fluffy guinea-pigs.


We had our lunch in the barn and played in their playground.  Travelling back to school, we felt excited but some of us were exhausted.


It’s been an amazing fabulous topic and we got to do experiments such as:-


  • Putting coloured water in a pot and placing a stick of celery and flowers in it to observe if the colour travelled up – it is beginning to travel up.
  • We also did another experiment to see if a plant can live without oxygen. It looks like the plant is beginning to die a little bit!


It has been a great topic ‘Tutti Frutti’, almost as good as the flavour itself.


‘The Year 3 Plant Experts’.

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