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Year 3 - Year 3s' Astounding Trip

Year 3s Astounding Trip!


Our topic is called ‘Superheroes’ and we went to the gigantic Science Museum to find out about ‘light’ and ‘magnetism’.


For that time in the morning it started off with a really tiring walk – all the way to East Ham station to get the District line train to South Kensington. It was twenty stops away and most of us had never been there before. At the other end was a long subway and we had another long walk and we turned the corner – there it was the huge Science Museum!


Inside we had to go upstairs – they even had more steps to go up than Monega! Then someone called Andy told us the rules, the best one being ‘Enjoy yourself’ and we certainly did.


We did lots of activities at the ‘Launch Pad’ – they were 46 altogether but it seemed like a gazillion activities!


One of the activities were you had to stand on it and you went round and round superfast so you almost got spun into a different dimension…. ‘I felt so dizzy, it made my eyes pop!’


We also went into a tunnel that when you shouted it echoed ten times louder – like a lion’s roar!!


One of the best things we learnt was if we sat in a chair full of nails, it doesn’t hurt you – funnily if it was one nail it would really, really hurt –Ow!!


We even tested the strength of a bridge – it was really strong like Superman.

We learnt lots about magnets and metals that were attracted to them like iron. We all wondered how do magnets do that?!


We saw lots of lights and how to make shadows. Light is really important to help us see and light does lots of other jobs too.


Then it was lunchtime and we were called to the dining hall – we were so hungry- our tummies grumbled. Lunch was delicious.


Later we got the train and then we walked speedily back to school.


We had a very educational, exciting, excellent trip. It was tiring but fun and we enjoyed spending time with our teachers.


            SP – 3 Crystal    MR – 3 Crystal     KM – 3 Amber              

                                        TC - 3 Amber     SA - 3 Opal

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