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Year 5 and The Vikings!

Here Come the ‘Vicious Vikings’!


Our topic is all about ‘The Vikings’ so we had a Viking workshop.

So, in advance, of our workshop we made: helmets, swords and shields along with name tags. We were given Viking names such as: Eric Snake in the Eye, Hammal Hard Mouth and Queen Asa.


On the day, the Viking turned up in a brown and blue tunic and boots laced up his legs. His Viking name was ‘Longfoot’.


He discussed where the Vikings originated from and showed us on the map – they came from Scandinavia, - Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They were called the Norsemen and they killed Christian monks for their gold and robbed the churches. The Vikings liked silver more than gold but we are not sure why.


The Vikings had two kinds of gods, - good and bad. The good ones were in Asgard, such as Odin and Thor. The bad ones were in hell, known as ‘Jotunheim’.


In the middle was ‘Midguard’ – (Earth) and there was a tree called ‘Yggdrasil’, which Odin was trapped in. He sacrificed his right eye to escape the tree and bring poetry and English to Earth. The Vikings used ‘Runes’ as their way of communicating and writing.


The Vikings were fierce warriors and their swords were sharper and more dangerous than the ‘Samurai’. The Vikings also used axes and mallets for both fighting and domestic use. The axes would cut right through thick logs so it was extremely dangerous in battle. When the Vikings threw spears at their enemies, the spear would go all the way through their enemy. The Vikings protected themselves by using shields in certain formations such as a triangle. The spear was also used for hunting deer. They stole whatever precious goods that they could get their Viking hands on; sometimes they would kill to get the precious items.


They took over Leeds and York and grew fruit and crops as they found the green land that was good to grow their food. They were both good farmers and fishermen. They farmed sheep for their wool. They wove the wool to make blankets and clothes. They also used deerskin for blankets and clothes. They made combs out of bones as well as musical instruments. The Vikings could also light fires by using flint and steel.


The Vikings spent so much time on the ocean sailing to places like Greenland and North America – they could use a sun compass and the stars to navigate their way home.


Vikings used to enjoy fish stew and drink mead (beer) from a bull’s horn. It is a myth that they wore horns on their helmets – the English (Victorians) made it up to show that the Vikings were bad and were helping the devil by wearing horns on their helmets.


At the end of our workshop we had a battle between the Vikings and the Saxons. The Vikings lost! Up the Saxons!


We had a fun-packed Viking day.  We learnt lots! If you want to know any more about the Vikings - please ask the Year 5 children - the 'Viking Experts'.




Photographs from our Viking day - see how vicious we are!

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