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Year 5 - Science Museum

Year 5 at the Science Museum


We had an amazing day at the Science Museum! We wanted to find out as much as we could about ‘Space’ for our new topic ‘Infinity and Beyond’.


We went to the Imax theatre in the Science Museum to watch a film. There were a bunch of flies involved in the film – they were trying to go into Space without anybody knowing as they wanted to have an adventure. These flies had their own cute mini spacesuits so that they could travel safely into outer space. They discovered that the Moon was not made of cheese. In fact, we saw some moon rock and it was a pale grey colour – nothing like cheese!


Also, fascinatingly, the adult astronauts had to wear space nappies as there were no toilets on the spaceship (these nappies were really big and thick).

We found out that rockets travel soooo….. fast that your cheeks are stretched for a short time due to the G-force – they look really funny.


It was really realistic as we watched it in 3-D wearing big, goofy goggles. Even a spider popped right down in front of our faces in the film and the girls screamed and the boys screamed louder!!


It was tiring as we had to go all the way to South Kensington but it was worth it – our minds have grown with the knowledge and we’re ready to start our topic.


HM - 5 Faraday     RA - 5 Newton    MA - 5 Curie

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