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Year 6 at the Debating Competition - Round 3

Debate – Round 3 – 21st May

Ding! Ding! Ding!


We were feeling a mixture of emotions going to our final round of the Newham Debate League. Some of us felt nervous, tinged with excitement whilst others felt uber confident.


Leaving school at 12.55pm, we were concerned that one of our valuable team members might not be able to make it as he had a fracture and needed to go to hospital. However, being so keen he managed to make it back in time to the relief of the team. We walked to Elmhurst Primary on a bright, sunny afternoon, arriving in plenty of time for our first debate.


Over twenty schools turned up to compete in this competition!


Time approached for our first debate against Manor Primary School. The motion was ‘All Superheroes should be imprisoned’. We were the proposition team which was difficult as who wants to see Superheroes behind Bars?! Anyway, we must have put up a really good case as we won!! We felt ecstatic. The judge gave us some very good feedback and suggestions as to how to make us even better for the next debate.


At this stage, we had a break and a snack that was provided for us which included: juice, an apple or a banana and a snack bar. It was mouth-watering.


Confidently we listened for the next motion, ‘This house believes Lego is better than Minecraft’. In this debate we were the opposition and up against Lathom Primary. One of our team members had never ever played ‘Minecraft’ but still this did not impact on our skills to deliver a convincing argument in this debate – and we won once again!!


We were thrilled to win both of our debates in Round 3.


We returned to school by 4.15pm feeling overjoyed and looking forward to the overall results which we are yet to receive.


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