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Brilliant Club Graduation 03-02-15


Year 6 Brilliant Club pupils, having completed their 1000 word university style assignment based on ‘Poverty and progress in England 1834-1948’, attended their Graduation ceremony at Cambridge University Debating Chamber. This Chamber is famed for such debaters as: Winston Churchill, David Cameron, Stephen Hawking to name just a few.


Walking quickly at 7.30am towards Little Ilford School (LIS), we encountered snow and icy roads.


On arrival at LIS, we boarded a canary yellow coach and made our way towards Cambridge. We chatted and snacked on our way – eventually arriving at 10.00am at Robinson College.

We were shown to a modern lecture theatre and informed about the expectation for the day. It was grand!


Having completed the talk regarding the ceremony, we heard from Kate, the University Liaison Officer, and she informed us about life in University. She then took us on a tour of Robinson College – which was modern and made of red bricks. There were some very old parts kept aside for Professors and lecturers.


We found out that Cambridge has 114 libraries containing 11 million books.


Hungry as wolves, we were taken to the dining hall and disappointedly had sandwiches; on the plus side we had delicious biscuits, luscious lemonade and chocolate bars namely: Snickers and Mars.


Excited and energised, we walked proudly to the Cambridge Union Debating Chamber for our graduation.


Sitting down in alphabetical order, we waited patiently for the ceremony to begin. The chamber was packed with 168 students from 14 primary schools from London along with teachers and family members.


The ceremony began… eventually it was our turn. Some of us felt nervous, whilst others felt thrilled. We received our certificates from Professor Andrew Morton who lectures on Astronomy and Physics. It was mind-blowing!! We ended up clapping for ages as everyone received their certificate. Many family members came along to enjoy the event and support us which made us really happy.


Lots of photos were taken including selfies!


Tiredly we strolled back to our coach ten minutes away and arrived before anyone else – we think they probably lost their way!! (We might have been tired but we were still sharp!)


Travelling back towards London we could see a lovely sunset and the journey went so quick.


We arrived back at LIS just before our family members who were travelling on the other coach. Some of us went back to Monega with our teachers and then went home.


We had a sensational day – we will never forget it - hopefully we will aspire to go to university later on and work hard in our studies to ensure we get there.


Our teachers arranged for us to receive caps (mortar-boards) and we are hoping to receive them as soon as possible to be souvenir of our special achievement.


We are really thankful for this great opportunity to experience university life and to write an assignment that required a lot of hard work and effort.


Monega Superstars

Our graduation day photos (including selfies!)

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