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Year 6 - Buzzed Off!!!

Year 6 Buzzed Off!!!


We wanted to find out more about bees and how they live because our topic is called ‘A Bee’s Life’.


We wanted to find out how they make honey, honeycombs and nests.


Our teachers arranged a visit to the Newham City Farm. We travelled on the underground and DLR for forty minutes until we arrived at the Royal Albert Station.


We could hear the ‘whoosh’ of the planes landing and taking off at the City Airport.


We walked a long way and then we saw horses, cows and lambs so we must have been near the farm. We also saw fluffy llamas, a huge shire horse and cute bunny rabbits like Bugs Bunny.


Next we went over to the Visitors Centre and sat in a circle and the lady gave us a ‘teddy bee’ to look at. Then we held a honeycomb, it smelt of honey, it was bumpy and a little sticky. We learnt about the parts of the bee: head, thorax, abdomen, proboscis, wings (4), legs (6), antennae and eyes. Their eyes are called complex because they are made up of loads of little eyes.


Boy bees are called ‘drones’ and the girls are ‘worker’ bees (girl bees do all the work whilst the boy bees just wait on the Queen Bee). The Queen Bee can live up to seven years and then when she stops producing enough worker and drone eggs, the workers kill off the old Queen Bee by stinging her to death. Meanwhile, the worker bees choose a few eggs out of thousands to become the new Queen. They feed the eggs with royal jelly that comes out of their heads. When the first bee emerges to be the Queen, she kills off all the other potential queens from the other eggs.


We then all ‘buzzed off’ to the hives wiggling our bottoms just like bees do to communicate to each other.


Once at the hives, we entered in groups of four to look at the bees. However, we only saw a few as they were all inside sleeping as it’s Autumn. The bees need to be fed now as all the flowers have died so they get given a sugar and water mixture. The Queen eats the most because she needs her energy to make more eggs.


At the end we tasted honey – it tasted so sweet! Real honey can last for many, many years whilst Supermarket honey does not last very long at all.


The lady who worked there also told us honey is good for your health, for hay fever and to heal injuries. You smooth honey on your injury to help it get better – you’ll end up a sticky mess, smelling of honey!


We had an awesome time learning about busy bees.


A great day out – you should go and find out for yourself – you’d like it!


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