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Year 6 - Early Days in Year 6

Early Days in Year 6


Wow! First day back at school – it was towering in front of us. We were wondering what Year 6 would be like now that all the ‘old’ Year 6 has left and we are now Year 6. We think it might be a bit tough but we’re up to the challenge and it could be fun learning lots of new strategies and techniques.


The very first thing we spotted in the playground was a big cage in which to play games and we wondered who was going to get to use it first – it looked amazing! There’s also one in the Infant playground.


The next change we saw was there were new doors everywhere and our classroom furniture in Year 6 was all new and very organised. We have dark blue chairs and white tables that go into different shapes with new cupboards and trays.


Also we’re going to be learning Spanish with our new Spanish teacher, Ms Carreras. She says she’s going to speak mostly in Spanish so we’ll have to learn quickly to understand her.


So far, the days are going really quickly and we’re learning lots. It’s good to come to school knowing you’re the oldest and get to set a good example to the younger children.


We think we’re going to enjoy Year 6.


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