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Year 6 - Olympic Athlete

                                                                                         30th September 2014


Olympic Athlete Experience


Crazy day – Amazing fun!!

We were really looking forward to today as we were told two weeks ago that we were going to have a visit from an Olympic athlete, Daniel Lewis, who is an award winning triple jumper. He was going to inspire us to lead a healthier life-style and get more children interested in sports.

We were feeling really happy coming in to school, remembering to bring in our PE kits with us ready for the day’s event. Our teachers told us to get changed and we rushed, so no time was wasted.


We went into the top hall to get ready. We felt really excited and didn’t know what to expect. Patrick, the coach, who came with Daniel introduced themselves and then showed us what to do: spotted dogs, leg drills, press-ups and star jumps.

Patrick then put on the music which was really loud, inspiring, motivational and top 10 hits! We all started clapping and encouraging everybody to do their best in all the events. We were all jumping around like monkeys and frogs!! Then there was a countdown from ten to zero and you have to move on to the next activity. When you have done all four, you have finished.


Our hearts were beating soooooo fast, we felt hot and sweaty. However, some of us did not sweat, - instead we sparkled!!


Later, we had an assembly and Patrick and Daniel involved the children and teachers to participate in mini jump events and drills. Daniel showed us how to do a standing long-jump and a triple jump. In fact, he jumped across the hall into a classroom nearly hitting his head on the top of the door post as he jumped so high. Daniel’s record for a triple jump is 16m 32cm – that’s extremely far! Daniel answered lots of questions about his career and he told us lots of interesting facts. Daniel said it’s good to persevere as he came 9th at his first attempt at a championship. However, the following year, after working hard, he came 1st.


Patrick asked everyone to take a sponsor form to raise money for new school equipment and to help Daniel and other athletes to get to Rio for the Olympics in 2016. If anyone collects over £30, they will get a signed A4 photo of Daniel. He also said; do not collect money from strangers – only friends and family.

We had a fun experience and learnt lots about sport.


We hope Daniel is successful in Rio 2016.

Miss C’s Cosmic English group:

HA in 6A                                 KA in 6E                            EA in 6G
AF in 6A                                  MN in 6E                           EB in 6G
 IC in 6A                                  AL in 6E                             AH in 6G

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