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Year 6 On A Point Of Information!



The Debatemate team, who have been working very hard on the skills of debate for the last few months, travelled to Elmhurst Primary School this week for Round 1 of the Newham Competition.

We all went in for an early lunch and left school, with our teachers, to walk to Elmhurst.


On arrival, we were shown around to a large sports hall which had lots of other school teams there and many of the judges.

Sitting down we were really excited as to what was about to happen.


Shortly after, we had a lady welcome us to the event. She informed us of the motion and who would be our opponents.

In Round 1, the motion was ‘This house would ban mobile phones for under 14s’. We had to be proposition which was difficult because we would all like to have a mobile phone. During this round we lost but we were told it was very close. It was our first debate and it helped push up our confidence for the next debate.

After the first debate, we had snacks of: snack bars, fruit and juice.


We then began to prepare for the next debate. The motion was, ‘This house believes we should ban meat’. We were the opposition. We felt confident at this point and thought we had plenty to say. We had plenty of POI’s (points of information) to make. By the end of the debate we were declared the winners – we felt proud and relieved. All our hard work had paid off.


We then left to return to school by 4.00pm. We skipped along with our heads held high all the way back to school feeling elated.


This was a great experience which showed us what we need to do to improve for Round 2.


We are looking forward to it in March – Game on!!


Monega Debaters

I was lucky enough to go with the debate team to the competition at Elmhurst. 

The team were brilliant. They worked well together, came up with strong arguments even for a motion they didn't actually agree with and they spoke clearly and confidently on a range of topics. It was also really nice to see how well they behaved and how gracious they were whether they won or lost their debates. 


I was very proud of them and I am looking forward to seeing them in action in the next rounds. Well done debating team!


Ms Hutchison (Deputy Head Teacher)


We have now been to round two of the competition and are eagerly awaiting the results. Once again I can say that the team performed brilliantly. They were, if it is possible, even better than last time and it is clear how much they have learnt. We debated two motions - 'This house would pay students for good grades' and 'this house would name and shame bullies'. Both were interesting motions and good, well-argued points were presented on both sides. Monega's team had very good feedback from the judges and deserve to be very pleased with themselves and their performance. We will let you know our results when as soon as we find out. Round three here we come! 

Ms Hutchison (Deputy Head Teacher)

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