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Year 6 Reach New Heights

Year 6 Reach New Heights!


Year 6 has been working really hard towards their SATs and now that they are over, our teachers thought we deserved a treat.


We were excited and overwhelmed when we were informed that we were going a trip. It was even more exciting when we found out we were going to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to visit the ‘Orbit’.


It was the last day before half-term and it was sunny and humid – ideal for our trip.


Setting off, full of anticipation, we travelled by bus (86) to Stratford – it only took 15 minutes.


Arriving in Stratford, we walked through Westfield Shopping Centre and on towards the Orbit.


We had to get a ticket and go through the barriers and on to the elevators. Hardly any of us had been up it before – it was extremely high.


We went up the elevators in groups of 15 children with a tour guide who told us interesting facts about the Orbit:


It has 455 steps.


The red part appears to be made up of triangles.


You can see major landmarks from the top such as the Gherkin, Canary Wharf and many more.


Being up so high it was amazing to see men hanging by ropes to support them whilst painting the orbit in red.


We even got to take ‘selfies’ in the mirrors which were curved and distorted our body shapes. We looked as if we were upside-down in one mirror and in the other we looked either wide or skinny.


Looking down at the construction workers in the stadium – they appeared to look like ants crawling around.


Having spent about 30 minutes up there, - it was time to descend. Some took the elevator as they were scaredy-cats! The rest of us braved the stairs and the 455 steps! Some of us felt it was scary and our knees trembled. We finally reached the bottom and felt really hungry and wanted to go for lunch.


Also, when we were back down on ‘terra firma’ we saw a trumpet-like shape emerging directly out from the bottom of the Orbit – it was massive, gigantic…


We ate lunch, sitting on the steps, next to a stream where many people were passing by. Lunch was very tasty and then it was time to move on.


Making our way to the Olympic Park; we saw a play area with tree houses, monkey bars, climbing nets, swings and much more. We played for about half an hour – it was tiring but exciting!


Before we left we all went down the slide, including teachers and parents.


Having exhausted our energy supplies, we made our way back to school. We all had a great, fun, exhausting experience!


We recommend it and would love to do it again!!!


‘The High Orbiters’

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