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Year 6 Visit Robinson College - University of Cambridge

Year 6 Visit Robinson College - University of Cambridge


On Friday 29th January, we visited Robinson College, University of Cambridge to attend our graduation ceremony (the moment we had all been waiting for).


When we arrived, all five schools sat together in the Umney Theatre waiting for refreshments and snacks to build up our brains for the day.  After playing educational games (quizzes) and filling in our evaluation forms, we were informed of what we were going to do for the day – which was going on a tour and returning to the Umney Theatre for study skills.


We then when on to be introduced to the student ambassadors who informed us of how they choose their courses and what it was like to be a student at the College.


Finally came the time that we had all been waiting for – LUNCHTIME!


In the time following, we went on tour with two student ambassadors – we had a lot of fun. One of the facts we found out was that Robinson College, was founded in 1977 by David Robinson who the college was named after.


Finally, our graduation ceremony took place. Our school came first and we led the way to receive our certificates. We shook hands and took photographs.


A little later we made our way back to the coach. At last we reached home, after a day which was utterly brilliant and truly remarkable!!

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