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Year 6 - We're off to see the Wizard

Year 6 Extravaganza!

‘The Wizard of Oz’


It was decided after having done all the hard work for SATs that we deserved a big surprise – this being Year 6 were going to put on a production of a classic story namely ‘The Wizard of Oz’.


The first step was the auditions – these were very intense with lots of people trying out for the part of Dorothy. Everyone was both excited and impatient waiting to know the outcome and who gained which part.


Then the moment arrived and we were allocated our parts. As well as being excited, we felt a mixture of emotions: - nervousness, anxiety, apprehension, edginess, jitters, tension, worry - but above all ‘elation!’


We were given our scripts and we had to make a start on learning them. Some of us had more to learn than others but all of our parts made a difference to the production.


Lines learnt we then had to practise in front of everyone and use facial expressions to convey our emotions.


The hours, days and weeks passed – it was finally done!


Dorothy had learnt all her songs, the Tinman had learnt his song and part (without his heart!), the Scarecrow had remembered all her lines (without a brain!), the Lion had mastered his part (without any courage!) and finally the witches, the Witch of the West, the North and the East all magically learnt their lines. When Oz finally appeared, he too like the true Wizard he is, cast a spell and remembered all his lines (please note he did not really have magical powers!!).


We did the production several times for the younger children (KS1) and the older ones (KS2). By then our production was pure perfection and ready for the performance of our lives for our final one for our parents.


Staying late for our evening performance, we spent some free time playing in the playground, then some teachers, along with the Headteacher, surprisingly cooked us a tasty meal.


 We then readied ourselves for our final performance, we costumed up and had our faces painted. One of the witches own dad did not even recognise her and another terrified her own little brother – it must have been very good face-painting to disguise the pupils so well that their own family could not recognise them.


Everyone thought our performance was a whole-hearted success (says the Tinman!). It was absolutely terrific – it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. All the teachers, children and parents thought we did a great job – spectacular!


Our teachers worked very hard supporting us with the production, direction and wonderful props – they are all super talented (like us!).


The Mighty Cast of Oz

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