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    Published 06/05/22

    Our reception and Year 3 pupils recently had a very exciting opportunity to attend a live Q&A session from Antarctica. This special expedition was to learn more about the continent and how we can protect it.

    They were lucky enough to be joined by expedition leaders Rob Swan (OBE) and Barney Swan. Rob was the first person to walk to both the North and South Poles - and in 2017 Barney skied 1,000 km to the South Pole, powered only by renewable energy!  Both are experts on Antarctica.

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    Published 04/05/22

    Here at Monega we encourage our pupils to be worldly citizens, aware of the issues facing the world environment that they live in. The Year 6 pupils brought in a range of bottle caps to highlight the rising problem of plastic pollution to create a visual representation of a map of the world.

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  • Live Q&A with Professor Ana Ferreira - Chief Scientist from Upflow

    Published 22/02/22

    Year 4 took part in a very exciting workshop with Geobus in the Summer Term.  They had a live Q&A with Professor Ana Ferreira who is the chief scientist on a research project for Upflow.  They had the opportunity to learn all about earthquakes and examine seismometers.  Ana answered our many questions and even gave us a tour of the research vessel the "Mario Ruivo" which they are currently on board. We are very excited to announce that we now have TWO seismometers named after us here at Monega, that will be dropped into the ocean as part of this research over the coming days!  Follow their updates here at:- 

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  • Flags In the Enviroment

    Published 23/11/20

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  • Geography in the Environment

    Published 14/10/20


    • Understanding the world.
    • Talked about the features of their immediate environment and how those environments change over time.


    Year 1 & 2
    • Locate landmarks in the UK (Northern Ireland).
    • Giants Causeway, Big Ben, Ben Nevis, St Paul's Cathedral and Tower Bridge.
    • Flags - England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland.


    Year 2 - Australia
    • Diverse landscapes of Australia.  
    • Great Barrier Reef.


    Year 3 - Russia
    • Landmarks - St Basil’s Cathedral - Russia.
    • Culture (Diversity) - Matryoshka Dolls.


    Year 4 - South America and Brazil
    • Children explore the Amazon Rainforest through the location of South America.
    • Key landmarks in Brazil.


    Year 5 - Trade Links
    • To explore the relationship between India and trade links.


    Year 6 - Maths, Geography Link and Contrasting Localities in Europe

    Year 6 explore coastal regions through the topic of erosion.


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  • Map Skills Progression Examples

    Published 09/10/20



    • Talk about features of their own immediate environment and how they might vary.
    • Observe and explore places, objects and plants.
    • Patterns and change.
    • Directional language.
    • Real life experience.


    YEAR 1
    • Simple map.
    • Developing knowledge of locality.


    YEAR 2
    • Construct map using basic symbols.
    • 4 counties and capital cities of the UK with surrounding seas.


    Year 3

    • Embedding knowledge of UK
    • Location of Russia focusing on key physical and human features on a sketch map


    Year 4

    • Mapping to locate world’s countries outside of Europe – South/Central America
    • Mapping using symbols and keys to identify human and physical features


    YEAR 5
    • Sketch maps and diagrams of human and physical features and how they affect land use and settlement.


    YEAR 6
    • Locating counties and cities within the UK.
    • Measure, record and present human and physical features using sketch maps, graphs and diagrams.
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