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  • Flags In the Enviroment

    Published 23/11/20

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  • Geography in the Environment

    Published 14/10/20


    • Understanding the world.
    • Talked about the features of their immediate environment and how those environments change over time.


    Year 1 & 2
    • Locate landmarks in the UK (Northern Ireland).
    • Giants Causeway, Big Ben, Ben Nevis, St Paul's Cathedral and Tower Bridge.
    • Flags - England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland.


    Year 2 - Australia
    • Diverse landscapes of Australia.  
    • Great Barrier Reef.


    Year 3 - Russia
    • Landmarks - St Basil’s Cathedral - Russia.
    • Culture (Diversity) - Matryoshka Dolls.


    Year 4 - South America and Brazil
    • Children explore the Amazon Rainforest through the location of South America.
    • Key landmarks in Brazil.


    Year 5 - Trade Links
    • To explore the relationship between India and trade links.


    Year 6 - Maths, Geography Link and Contrasting Localities in Europe

    Year 6 explore coastal regions through the topic of erosion.


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  • Map Skills Progression Examples

    Published 09/10/20



    • Talk about features of their own immediate environment and how they might vary.
    • Observe and explore places, objects and plants.
    • Patterns and change.
    • Directional language.
    • Real life experience.


    YEAR 1
    • Simple map.
    • Developing knowledge of locality.


    YEAR 2
    • Construct map using basic symbols.
    • 4 counties and capital cities of the UK with surrounding seas.


    Year 3

    • Embedding knowledge of UK
    • Location of Russia focusing on key physical and human features on a sketch map


    Year 4

    • Mapping to locate world’s countries outside of Europe – South/Central America
    • Mapping using symbols and keys to identify human and physical features


    YEAR 5
    • Sketch maps and diagrams of human and physical features and how they affect land use and settlement.


    YEAR 6
    • Locating counties and cities within the UK.
    • Measure, record and present human and physical features using sketch maps, graphs and diagrams.
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