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  • Monega's Peaceful Protest

    Published 17/07/20
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  • Sing with Jenny

    Published 26/05/20


    Sing along to some of your favourite songs with Miss Jenny

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  • Home Learning Video

    Published 12/05/20

    Some of you have sent us pictures of your time at home.  We have made a video of them altogether. Have a look to see what some of your friends have been doing during lockdown.





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  • Monega's YouTube Channel

    Published 04/05/20

    Here is our YouTube Channel:-

    Monega Primary School YouTube Channel Click HERE




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  • Robotics Workshop at Manor Park Library March 2020

    Published 12/03/20

    This week, year 2 children attended a Robotics Workshop at Manor Park Library.  The pupils met with experts in Engineering and Coding and interacted with a real life robot. It was a fantastic opportunity for children to see STEM in action! ‚Äč

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  • World Book Day 2020

    Published 06/03/20

    We are delighted to see so many of our students dressed as their favourite book characters.  This clearly demonstrates how important books and a love of reading are to our children.  Reading is the most important skill that children learn when they come to school.  Being able to read effectively enables children to access all other areas of the curriculum.  Research proves that children who read for pleasure attain greater academic success.

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  • International Women's Day 2020

    Published 05/03/20

    We have been celebrating International Women's Day at Monega by raising awareness of equality and learning about how to challenge gender stereotypes. Our School Council Reps presented an assembly for both key stages and children made a range of pledges to help raise awareness and celebrate the success and history of women all around the world.

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  • World Maths Day 2020

    Published 04/03/20

    On Wednesday 4th March 2020, we celebrated World Maths Day at Monega. We had lots of activities throughout the day which taught us about the importance of Maths in our everyday lives. We also ran a times tables competition for KS1 and KS2. Well done to Robert in 4M who won our KS2 competition, Mohamad Zayaan who won our KS1 competition and Nuuh in RR who was our EYFS Maths Champion.

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  • Nursery - Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day

    Published 27/02/20

    The Nursery children celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making their own pancakes. They got to experience using real cooking equipment including a whisk, a spatula and a hot stove. The children demonstrated amazing cooking skills and they all understood how to keep themselves safe when using new equipment. The pancakes didn't last long as they tasted so delicious!

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  • Year 2D Visit the National Portrait Gallery

    Published 12/02/20

    Year 2D travelled to Trafalgar square to visit the National Portrait Gallery. We drew famous portraits of past monarchs and had lots of fun.

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  • Dodger the Dog

    Published 05/02/20

    On Friday, Monega were visited by Dodger the Therapy dog. Dodger is a professionally trained dog who helps children with their reading and wellbeing.  The children got the opportunity to meet Dodger and were read a story about Dodger's life. The children were thrilled by the experience and were all given a free goody bag!

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  • Modern Foreign Languages Coffee Morning

    Published 28/01/20


    Welcome to the MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) Coffee Morning!

    The purpose of our Mandarin Curriculum at Monega is to ensure children are prepared citizens of the world and to learn about different cultures, encouraging them to explore and respect other people.  We are committed to developing strong, life-long linguistic skill by opening pupils’ minds to different opportunities.

    In order to do this, here at Monega we prepare our children since nursery.  Students learn about colours, greetings and the Mandarin culture.

    This year, students from Year 3 to Year 6 have also started to write Chinese characters in their brand new      books!  Also, we have just celebrated the Chinese New Year, by inviting Chinese artists to our school who performed showcasing their best skills.

    Besides learning Mandarin, here at Monega we promote inclusion and we want to make sure every child feels proud of their cultural background. For this reason, we promote Language of the Month. Each month, our children learn greetings and basic words in a different language.

    This month the language we are learning is Romanian.    Multumesc!

    Thank you for coming!

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