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  • Heads up Monega

    Published 15/06/21
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  • Miss Harris & Mr Solomon were invited to No 10 Downing Street

    Published 10/06/21
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  • Reading Certificates

    Published 08/06/21

    Well done to all the children who have recently received reading certificates from their teacher! Certificates are earned by children for reading books and completing their reading journals.  After 100 entries children receive a gold certificate and a book to keep! Pictured are some of our happy readers with their certificates.

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  • Years 5 and 6 are Learning Guitar

    Published 02/06/21
    Years 5 and 6 are currently learning guitar within their year group bubbles and are learning musical notation and tune instrumentation skills with our specialist music teacher.
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  • Design and Technology

    Published 19/04/21


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  • World Book Day March 2021

    Published 18/03/21


    Monega pupils and staff made a tremendous effort to celebrate World Book Day



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  • Read Around The World

    Published 27/01/21

    The children of Monega have worked very hard to ensure that our environment is beautiful and intriguing.  This hall display is titled ‘Read Around The World’, as you walk around the hall you are able to step into stories and texts that take you to new places.  Children have used a wide range of artistic  techniques in order to create a beautiful backdrop for their exceptional writing.  We hope you will be able to come see the display very soon.

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  • Blended Learning Stars

    Published 11/01/21
    Monega pupils have adapted so well to learning remotely.  At this time we are all learning new skills and becoming technical wizzes. All children are able to log on to their Google Classrooms and see their teachers each day.  Every week
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  • Winter Fair Dec 2020

    Published 17/12/20
    All the children really enjoyed the winter fair celebrations. They played games, won prizes and ate candy floss. Father Christmas even made a surprise visit.  
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  • Rainbow Zone

    Published 11/12/20
    We have created a Rainbow Zone where we have celebrated all the heroes of Covid-19.  We have a range of beautiful books about our Covid-19 heroes on display in this area.  We also have a range of non-fiction books to give pupils information
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  • Eco Warriors

    Published 27/11/20
    At Monega we are working hard to become a more eco-friendly school. We have designated Eco Warriors but understand that we all have a part to play, in achieving this task. Pupils designed posters to promot
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