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EYFS In Action

Artist of the Term

This term, Nursery and Reception have been exploring the artist Monet. We have looked at his famous works of art, including ‘Starry Night’, ‘Sunflowers’, as well as some of his bridge paintings. Nursery have really started to think about how to choose and mix colours to create a desired effect, whilst reception have learnt the painting technique of stippling.



Little Cloud

This term, Nursery have started to think about different types of weather.  We have linked this to the book ‘Little Cloud’ by Eric Carle. To bring the book to life, we conducted some science experiments and created our own ‘rain’.  We learnt how to use pipettes and were able to describe how small clouds move close together to prepare for rainfall.  We can’t wait for real rain to come again so that we can see a giant, heavy cloud in the sky!



Shooting Stars

In Nursery, we have been thinking about what we wish for when we grow up.  We made our own shooting stars using a sprinkle of glitter, some water and a half a magic button.  As we waited for our shooting stars to pop, we closed our eyes and made our own wish.  Muhammad Ayan said “I want to be Hulk because Hulk is strong” whilst Ibrahim said “I want to be a Policeman because I want to protect my friends”.  Alia wishes to be a doctor “Because doctors help people when they are sick”Fatima said “I want to be a superhero girl because I want to save everyone”.  Let’s hope our wishes come true!