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Autumn 2020

Adjustments Made To Our Curriculum

As directed by the DfE in the Guidance for reopening schools, we have prioritised core skills to address significant gaps in pupils’ knowledge.  In order to do this we have made the decision to suspend our Mandarin lessons and have made some adjustments to our Music Curriculum.  We aim to return to the school’s normal curriculum in all subjects by summer term 2021.

We will encourage children to continue to practise their Mandarin at home using the Duolingo app.


The aim of the Curriculum at Monega Primary School is to provide pupils with a rich, relevant, broad and balanced education, in line with the National Curriculum.



The teaching staff consider what they want the children to learn, why they are teaching it and carefully consider how to teach and assess it.  The right context focusing on skills, enquiry, research and knowledge, making use of a variety of approaches including using drama, film, computing, real-life experiences and outdoor learning to name a few, all contribute to providing opportunities to achieve outstanding learning, achievement and significant growth in pupils’ knowledge.  The school focuses on promoting excellent attitudes to learning.


The methods and strategies used to teach these skills are left to the discretion of the year group to ensure that learning and teaching remains fresh, focused and inspiring.  The National Curriculum provides the statutory content so that the school can ensure progression and coverage across the key stage.