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Monega Primary School has a Local Governing Body.  The role of a Local Governing Body is an important one. It is to provide focused governance for the School at a local level and it is the intention of the Trust Board to ensure that the responsibility to govern the School is vested in those closest to the impact of decision-making.  The Local Governing Body monitors the School's key performance indicators and acts as a critical friend to the Headteacher and the School's senior leadership team, providing challenge where appropriate.

Local Governing Bodies carry out their functions in relation to their respective School on behalf of the Trust Board and in accordance with policies determined by the Trust Board.  The act of delegation from the Trust Board to the Local Governing Body's is a delegation of powers and duties, and not a delegation or shedding of responsibilities.



Mrs E Kemp - Chair of Governor (Safeguarding)

I have been a School Governor for many years and currently a Governor at two Newham schools as well as Monega.  I like to travel, go to museums, art galleries and the theatre as well as visiting gardens plus sometimes doing my own.  I am a retired National Health Service manager and live in Forest Gate.

Mr S Riaz - Vice Chair of Governor (Finance, Pupil Premium, Health & Safety)

I currently work in Financial Services and I live in both London and Manchester.  I love travelling and try to visit new towns and cities across the globe to learn about other cultures and to broaden my perspective.  I have been a Governor at Monega for over two years.  It has been an amazing experience so far, helping to strengthen and grow the Governing Board and supporting the school in making incredible progression.

Ms E Harris - Headteacher (Curriculum and Standard)

I am an experienced leader in education and started my teaching career in Woolwich in 1997.  Over the last 21 years I have worked in local Newham schools.  I have a strong history of inclusive education in the London Borough of Newham and have worked as a specialist speaker at inclusive conferences in many parts of the world.

Mr T Sumpter - Assistant Headteacher - Staff Governors (Training)

I worked for the the Boleyn Trust for over 5 years and recently moved to Monega.  I am a Year Year 6 teacher and the English Co-ordinator.  I enjoy finding new music, listening to Podcasts and visiting art galleries across the world.  

Ms K Adeyinka - Community Governor (English - Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing) 

I am a property paralegal in the city law firm.  I live in East Ham.  I became a Governor mid-2019 and have enjoyed the experience of meeting new people.  I enjoy working with charities especially young people; and I love a good book.

Mr M Dobbs - Community Governor (Wellbeing, Pupil Voice, Behaviours & Attitudes)

I am Teacher Assistant at Cleves Primary, a Boleyn Trust School.  I have lived and attended school in Newham and have been a TA in Cleves Primary for the past 17 years.  I have two children and one of them attends Cleves Primary school.  I am also a part time UNISON Trade Union Representative.

Mrs K Enahoro - Parent Governor (RE & SRE)

I have lived in Manor Park with my husband and four children since 2005.  Three of our children have studied at Monega and our youngest is currently in Year 3.  I worked as a teacher in France and Poland and as Nursery Assistant in Oxfordshire.  I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Cancer Exercise and Rehabilitation Specialist.  I am passionate about ensuring that all the children in our diverse community receive the best possible education.

Mrs R Gohil - Parent Governor (Outcomes & Data - Books/Progress Data) 

At present I am working and have been living in Newham for the past 15 years.  I am an Adult Social Care Professional.  I am a mother of two and very much involved in their education.  I believe education is a solution to all problems, so I have chosen to be a Governor and contribute towards change.

Mr P Purokayastha - Parent Governor (Inclusion & SEND)

I have been employed by HMRC for 27 years.  I am involved in charity work and founder of a charity organisation. I am experience in socio-cultural activities which help promote Community Cohesion and understanding people in the wider community.  I am a proud father of two children who are both pupils of Monega School.  I care for my local Monega School and I believe in contributing towards future improvement as a Parent Governor. 




Mr T Canning CEO - -
Ms E Harris Headteacher -  
Mr T Sumpter Staff Governor 26th January 2018 25th January 2022
Mrs E Kemp Chair of Governor 13th December 2017 12th December 2021
Mr S Riaz Vice Chair of Governor 21st February 2018 20th February 2022
Mrs J Faldo Clerk 4th June 2018 -
Ms K Adeyinka Community Governor 9th May 2019 8th May 2027
Mr M Dobbs Community Governor 10th September 2019 9th September 2023
Mrs K Enahoro Parent Governor 7th December 2017 6th December 2021
Mrs R Gohil Parent Governor 9th October 2019 8th October 2023
Mr P Purokayastha Parent Governor 7th December 2017 6th December 2021






Mr T Canning - CEO

Not confirmed - None - - -

Ms E Harris - Headteacher

Not confirmed - None - - -

Mr T Sumpter - Staff Governor                26th Jan 2018 - 26th Jan 2022

Not confirmed - None - - -

Miss E Kemp - Chair of Governor            13th Dec 2017 - 12th Dec 2021

Not confirmed - None - - -
Mr S Riaz - Vice Chair of Governor          21st Feb 2018 - 20th Feb 2022 Confirmed       21st Nov 2019 - None - - -

Ms K Adeyinka - Community Governor  9th May 2019 - 8th May 2027

Confirmed       3rd Dec 2019 - None - - -

Mr M Dobbs - Community Governor      10th Sep 2019 - 9th Sep 2023

Not confirmed - None - - -
Mrs K Enahoro - Parent Governor          7th Dec 2017 - 6th Dec 2021 Not confirmed  - None - - -

Mrs R Gohil - Parent Governor                9th Oct 2019 - 8th Oct 2023

Not confirmed - None - - -

Mr P Purokayastha - Parent Governor  7th Dec 2017 - 6th Dec 2021

Not confirmed - None - - -





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Mr T Canning - CEO

Not confirmed Not confirmed No

Ms E Harris - Headteacher

Not confirmed Not confirmed Yes

Mr T Sumpter - Staff Governor

Not confirmed Not confirmed Yes

Mrs E Kemp - Chair of Governor

Not confirmed Not confirmed Yes
Mr S Riaz - Vice Chair of Governor Confirmed   14th Nov 2019 Confirmed      21st Nov 2019 Yes
Ms K Adeyinka - Community Governor  Confirmed   3rd Dec 2019 Confirmed   3rd Dec 2019 Yes

Mr M Dobbs - Community Governor 

Not confirmed Not confirmed Yes

Mrs K Enahoro - Parent Governor

Not confirmed Not confirmed Yes

Mrs R Gohill - Parent Governor

Not confirmed Not confirmed  Yes

Mr P Purokayastha - Parent Governor

Not confirmed Not confirmed Yes