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Personal Development

Personal development and pupil voice is a key focus ensuring that children become confident and independent learners.  We teach children how to control impulses, to communicate their wishes and understand the need for rules, encouraging children to talk about and share their feelings.  Learning mentors, sports coaches and mid-day supervisors are all skilled in supporting pupils with the emotional wellbeing.  Our priority is to enable pupils to become independent learners who find passions, strengths and interests in both subjects and learning techniques that prepare them well for future learning.

We provide a wide range of opportunities to support pupils’ personal growth.  They include:-

  • Wide range of after school clubs.
  • Protect curriculum time allocated to personal development through PHSE.
  • A wide menu of support for pupil wellbeing.
  • Promote clear values as a school and  as British Citizens.  
  • Discreet lessons focused on the development and improvement of oracy.
  • Promote equality and diversity across the Monega community.
  • Clear structures and support with transitions.
  • A range of experiences that sit outside of children’s typical experiences.  These include:- camping, poetry recitals, choir events, residential trips and theatre events.
  • Activity passports that encourage children to challenge themselves across skill spectrums and in diverse aspects of their lives.


The school also values pupil voice across all subjects and we have a very  active School Council which meets regularly, this allows council members to discuss pressing issues with their peers and make key decisions that impact on their day-to-day school life.