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Personal Development & Behaviour 

Monega is a happy, inclusive, caring school, where every child matters.  We ensure a calm and purposeful atmosphere enabling all pupils to be motivated to learn.  Our systematic approach provides reassurance and clear expectations for all.

Our approach encourages all children to behave well and develop long-standing habits.  Monega pupils have very positive attitudes that impact positively upon their learning.

We have a clear and effective behaviour policy, which enables all staff members to communicate; clearly defined consequences that are applied consistently.  This clear systematic approach is supported by a positive culture where staff and pupils are respectful of each other. 

Pupils are very supportive of each other and the behaviour both inside classrooms and around the school are excellent.  Safeguarding procedures are robust and contextualised.  Having a safer secure learning environment it of the utmost importance to enable pupils to flourish.  Behaviour and safety is very good and the school rigorously follows established safeguarding procedures.

The school has a robust anti-bullying and behaviour policy.  Children have a good understanding of what bullying is and how to deal with it.  Children are supported through the PSHCE Curriculum and regular whole school, phase and class assemblies.  Anti-bullying and anti-racism is often discussed at part of themes in meetings, assemblies and CPD.

Promoting Kindness

Children are keen to come to Monega and are proud of their attendance.  Our strong focus on attendance and punctuality with a range of positive rewards has a very good impact .

We have a rage of key people who work to support pupils in this area, collating and analysing input and impact.

This team are accessible to families and pupils for guidance and support:-