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The following resources and ideas can help to support emotional wellbeing throughout the year as well as in times of crisis.

'Many ways to share a hug' - Social Story

 A printable 14-day mindfulness activity challenge

 A Coronavirus Story

Dr Chris and Dr Xand are here to tell you why the coronavirus might not be as scary as it sounds.

Action for Happiness - Coping Calendar

Apps for Wellbeing and Mental Health

Stop, Breathe and Think App

Smiling Mind App

  • Smiling Mind - A great app with age specific mindfulness resources, including a new resource, 'Thrive Inside'. Thrive Inside is a special program to help you stay psychologically healthy while you're spending extended periods of time at home.

Cosmic Kids Yoga and Mindfulness App  

  • Cosmic kids - This app often has a two-week trial available
Calming Activities

Childline Calm-Zone

An activity for grounding and calming

  • Just BreatheA video aimed at children to help them feel calmer

150 Sensory Learning Ideas