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Pupil Outcomes

Teachers at Monega are ambitious for their pupils and expect them to do the very best. High quality CPD alongside very clear expectations of teacher delivery and structures, guarantee parity for all pupils. Lessons have clear objectives to accommodate the different abilities in each class and challenge is present in all lessons.

Our on entry data clearly demonstrates that the majority of children join the school working below the expected level for their age. Attainment at the end of EYFS shows an exceptional percentage of 85% of children are meeting the Early Learning Goals. This is outstanding progress, considering the very low on entry data.

This outstanding progress continues at Key Stage 1 testing where more than 25% of children are attaining Greater Depth, which is above national average (21%).

The exceptional start in Key Stage 1 allows us to have the highest expectations and aspirations for all our pupils in Key Stage 2, resulting in 80% of children attaining age related expectations in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

Expectations for the whole school population is high, including those who are assessed against pre national standards and engagement levels. This progress is analysed using MAPP.