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Eliza-Rose 3M

'School Council is important so our school can be different, unique and fun. It also lets us share our ideas with the teachers so you can be yourself.'

Yahya 3M

'The best thing about being in School Council is that it helps improve in your confidence which you need to hold the meetings and spread the word.'

Hassan 4S

'Our job is to make the school an even better place and make sure and bullying behaviour is stopped. It is my job to fix the plant since I am an Eco Warrior around school to help the environment. I help to make sure everyone is recycling and picking up their litter.'

Samantha 5N

'Being in School Council makes me feel confident. I can speak up for myself and others which is important and it makes me happier than ever.'

Maisa 5P

'Our job is to help Monega be more green and stop things like bullying. I am very proud of my job and I love to help my class mates' voices be heard. Also I love to recycle to help save our planet.'

Tanaaz 6S

'I wanted to be a School Council Rep because I know I can work as a team to make ideas come true. Since being elected I feel special and I feel like I have gained confidence in myself. I enjoy being a role model too and showing others how to follow the 5Cs.'

Fiifi 6W

'The best thing about being in School Council is working with others and holding meetings in our class. This is our school so it's important we have our say.'